My “thinking chair” in Mariupol

As I have been gone, I have been thinking a lot about family and friends.  I really enjoy being here in Ukraine and I love becoming involved in their lives.  I have been impressed at how important family and tradition is to these people.  It is
wonderful to see.  I will be sad to leave this great city, but I look forward to seeing Mrs. Bundy and talking and visiting with my family.  Family is the most important and I miss them.  I want them to be happy.  When they are happy, I am happy.

I also miss my great high school pupils back in Idaho.  The pupils here in Mariupol are wonderful and they have truly enriched my life this past week.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you back in Idaho.

If you are wondering why I am writing this, it is because I found my very own “thinking chair” in the park. I was able to sit back this morning as I prepare to leave Mariupol and
think about what is so very important to me. My most valuable possessions are my family and ALL the great pupils I get to know as a teacher.



8 thoughts on “My “thinking chair” in Mariupol

  1. Desmond got a sex change today and skyler is tryin to give people hair cuts and blaine needs to calm downbtw this is josh have fun half way across the world things r alright for now

  2. Krissy, courtney and Jared, got into a fight about who was more athletic and obviously Jared was the best out of the three. Will thinks that ‘Animal Farm’ was a really good book, he finished it before almost everyone. Bartlett is a sinner and lied saying that Krissy and Courtney were the “smartest” kids in the class. Jared was practicing baseball in the class and broke Bartletts jaw. JK. Bartlett is actually “o.k.” We all hope that you have a safe flight back and that your experience was marvelous. Krissy wants you to tell the Ukrainian kids that we all say Pryveet. Deuces from Period 3.

    • It sounds like I am coming back just at the right time. I am glad Will likes the book. He is such a positive influence in our class. 🙂

  3. On behalf of Ukrainian students I also wish you a safe flight and good luck with all your work!
    It was truly great experience to gain and lots of fun too!

    Best wishes,
    Mariupol City Lyceum, its students, and me 🙂

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