A Poem from 5th Period

Dearest Mr. Bundy
Wassup, its yo boiiiii
Your delightful posts have inspired the class to write a poem for you.

In Europe you rode a train
you sat on a bench and racked your brain
You had a great time teaching at school
i bet everybody thought you were pretty cool.
We see that you think Ivan is pretty neat,
He seems like a swell feller to share a seat.
We hope Ukraine was pretty fun,
now come back and see everyone

Sincerely, your class


8 thoughts on “A Poem from 5th Period

  1. The writer of Period 5 poem is the most benevolent and brilliant writer of his generation. Katz really really enjoyed the wonderful writing of Austin Young and even his very presence in the room.

  2. Rose pierced Austin’s ear with a binder. Austin wants to know how Ethan Hunt is doing. Mady is sleeping on the job. DJ beat it up at Prom.
    Period 7

    • Ethan Hunt and I are “homies.” We bonded in the motherland and now we are undercover together. Hmm, is a person undercover when they say they are undercover?

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