Return Train Ride

I just got off my return train trip from Mariupol and the 16 hour train ride was fabulous.  I miss my Ukrainin students and I miss my Idaho students.  I have a meeting in about 10 minutes, so no time to put cool pictures up. There will be some on Monday.  You get Mr Bartlett on Monday for the last day.  Have a party!

I will see you Tuesday.

A Poem from 5th Period

Dearest Mr. Bundy
Wassup, its yo boiiiii
Your delightful posts have inspired the class to write a poem for you.

In Europe you rode a train
you sat on a bench and racked your brain
You had a great time teaching at school
i bet everybody thought you were pretty cool.
We see that you think Ivan is pretty neat,
He seems like a swell feller to share a seat.
We hope Ukraine was pretty fun,
now come back and see everyone

Sincerely, your class