Monday: A full day in the classroom! Don’t read this until Tuesday :)

I am going to do it a little different today, these are pictures from another teacher and they show me teaching and interacting with the students.  I will just upload the pictures and you can add your own comments.  I will be “lecturing” tomorrow at Mariupol State University to Law, International Economics,  Foreign Language and Greek Philology students. This university is a prime sorce of Greek Philology in all of Europe!  I am discussing the composition of the US Congress and the duties of the US President. I bet you guys wish you were here.

I am not sure, but I may be the first Idaho high school teacher to be a guest lecturer at a University in Ukraine.  I have successfully fooled them into thinking that I am one smart dude!  Just kidding, I am one smart dude.  Wait… know what I mean.