Teaching in Mariupol

Here is the picture of the infamous train.  If my Ukranian students are starting to read this… Yak Spravy!

Class #1.  These guys can accurately use the word “Foschizzle!”  Example.  Mr. Bundy is awesome.  Response.  “Fooschizzle!”

Class #2.  When they leave class or see me in the hall, they say “peace out!” We had a great discussion about their feelings about Lenin and Stalin.  Their history is much diferent than ours and they admire much of what Lenin did and Stalion also.  I talked some about Roosevelt and our contemporary leaders.  Quite interesting.  Se the guy on the back row, 2nd from the left?  He looks just like Austin!  Don’t you think!?

Class #3.  This was the most serious class.  We talked about politics and social issues.  Much like you guys.  Very intellectual bunch! 

The tradition is for Ukranian couples in Mariupol that are getting married to put a lock on this little bridge and throw away the key.  It signifies a love that can’t be broken, just like the lock can’t be broken.  I put a lock on for Mrs. Bundy.  See, I am one romantic dude..again! 

They engrave their names on the lock. 

Not only do I like pigeons, but for some reason when I have birdseed..they flock to me!