Mariupol, the city of Contrast

Mariupol is a great city of contrast.  I love the beauty of the city and I can also see the environmental concerns of the city.  There is so much beauty and history.  I am fascinated by the new and vibrant aspects of the city and I am also reminded of her history.  The Ukrainians that I meet look to the future.  They also embrace their culture and heritage.  Take a journey with me through the different aspects of Mariupol.

The first picture is a typical apartment building in Mariupol.  The people have made their apartments very beautiful and warm.  I have visited great people in these apartments.

Lenin seems to always present, but is not a part of everyday life in Ukraine.  Interesting contrast.

The Aziov Sea is beautiful.  The picture is of my host teacher Andrew and his daughter Vickie.

Later that day still teaching

I moved classrooms and I continued to teach.  We talked about their favorite classes and what they are studying and I told them stories and a few very funny jokes.

The group picture is right by the front door.  You remember theUkrainian flag?  It is in the background of the picture.

We were talking about Art and I showed them my artistic ability.  I bet you guys did not know I could draw.

Tell Mr. Johnson that he should be nice to me or I might transfer schools.