Ramblings from Gyeongju

Well, the internet connection here is spotty at best and as a result, I am unable to dowload pictures tonight.  Not enough ummph in the wifi to allow picture transfer.  No problem.  The trip has been interesting.  I have focused on Europe over the years and Asia has not been my area of expertise.  But, as a result of this trip, I have learned a tremendous amount about Asia and Korea over the last week or so.  Guess what?  I have even learned some Korean poetry.  Man, I am one calm dude now.  I used to be so high strung that it really worried me. 🙂

We met a Confucian master today. His name was Jijak Lee.  He made the observation that Westerners (us) seem to always be trying to prove themselves by being like a fish always swimming upstream.  He then compared that with the Eastern (Asian) way of a fish that is going with the flow of the stream.  There is that “ying and yang” thing again.  See, why I am so calm now.

See you soon.  “Scholar” Bundy.

I have decided to change my first name from Mister to Scholar.  I even have a new scholar pose.  It is quite enlightening.


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