Traveling around Kiev

I answered the questions from yesterdays posts.  If you go to the bottom of the post and click on replys, you can see the questions I have answered.  By the way, 2nd hour is in trouble.

I tried russian caviar and I have to admit… is as bad as I thought it would be.

If the State Representative thing goes haywire, I have been offered the Presidency of Ukraine and this will be my new office. The sign is the entrance of the Presidents office.

The Soviets may not have known how to run a government, but they could sure build a monument.  I walked around telling everyone that we (the U.S.) whooped them in the Cold War.  An ode to all my old B-52 and B-1 buddies.  I am the little feller in the front.

Four very nice “Babushkas” in  front of the biggest Easter egg I have ever seen.  Desmond, “Babushka” is a respectful term for an older women.

I kept saying “come here, boy.”  But as you can see, the dog thought I was not the sharpest stick in the stack.  Then I remembered..The dog speaks Ukranian!  So I said, “Yak Spravy, little doggy” and we became the best of friends.