Ramblings from Gyeongju

Well, the internet connection here is spotty at best and as a result, I am unable to dowload pictures tonight.  Not enough ummph in the wifi to allow picture transfer.  No problem.  The trip has been interesting.  I have focused on Europe over the years and Asia has not been my area of expertise.  But, as a result of this trip, I have learned a tremendous amount about Asia and Korea over the last week or so.  Guess what?  I have even learned some Korean poetry.  Man, I am one calm dude now.  I used to be so high strung that it really worried me. 🙂

We met a Confucian master today. His name was Jijak Lee.  He made the observation that Westerners (us) seem to always be trying to prove themselves by being like a fish always swimming upstream.  He then compared that with the Eastern (Asian) way of a fish that is going with the flow of the stream.  There is that “ying and yang” thing again.  See, why I am so calm now.

See you soon.  “Scholar” Bundy.

I have decided to change my first name from Mister to Scholar.  I even have a new scholar pose.  It is quite enlightening.


Stuff that is 1000 years old

Every so often, I have the opportunity to see things that are 1000 years old.  I get to walk along the same steps or paths that have carried people for centuries.

These steps took us to the site of a Budda that was built in 850.  I felt very enlightened after the trek up these mountainous steps. It was the custom centuries ago to chip off a piece of budda’s nose and boil it with your tea.  This would guarantee that your next child would be a son.

According to Buddhist teachings, ringing this bell calms people who have been sent to purgatory (he**).  I actually got to ring the bell!  I feel at one with the bell now.  That was the advice my bell-ringing instructor gave me.  “Be at one with the bell.”   feel much better about life now.These steps go to a Confucian Shrine.  My ying and yang are so in tune after this visit. 🙂

This is my new lion buddy.  He has been here since 850.  He does not look that old.  The colorful balloons celebrate the birth of BuddhaNothing in this picture is remotely close to 100 years old, but one of the questions asked what I cooked as a Korean Chef.  Yummy cucumber slices with a tasty tofu main dishMy new Confucian friend for the day.  He might be close to the 1000 year mark.


Gyeongju in the Springtime

I am now in Gyeongju. On the coast.  Be sure and read on about my living conditions in Seoul in the post below.

First off, they took us to the Korean Culinary Institute and I am now a trained Korean Chef.

Then I met two Korean Princess’.  Don’t tell Mrs. Bundy! 🙂 As you can see, the nice little girl in the middle was quite taken by the nice American visitors. However, her little friend to the right does not seem to be quite as enamored with the Americans and their cameras.

Just a random street scene in the city.  Needless to say, I have no idea what any of the signs say.  It is like everything is in a different language!

Living in Seoul Korea

If you want to see the responses to my comments, click on the word bubble with the numbers in them.  That has the questions and my witty responses.The picture above is looking to the right as I walk into my “dormitory” room.

I knew 5th hour would come through with some great questions.  The pressure is now on the rest of you knuckleheads to ask some good questions.

This is walking into my room.  This is the “no shoe” area.  Man, they are serious about the no shoe thing.  This is the “clean” area. My shoes had to remain in the “unclean” area. I ate the fruit on the desk.

The bed is exactly 5’11” long.  I know, because exactly 1 inch of my feet hang over the edge when I stretch out on this nice soft cardboard bed.

Coolest people ever!

This little dude kept walking by and smiling.  You have to love the Indians hat.  I don’t think he was too interested in the historical site, but he was quite taken by the camera clicking American.

Not sure my new friend was quite as excited as I was to have our picture taken.  Korean knuckleheads on a field trip.  Kids are kids everywhere.  The first Chinese symbol is “heaven.”  (above the door) The second symbol is “horse.”  I have no idea what the third symbol is.  I have only been here a couple of days!

Some signs of the times

I found a batting cage, but since I have no idea what the instructions say I was unable to show my prowess in hitting a Korean fastball.

This where I safely crossed the street.If you see this on a public restroom, it means that children are allowed to use that restroom.  I am assuming the picture is of a little fella saying “woohooh”  I get to use the bathroom!Not too sure they needed to put this picture up in the restroom!

This picture was on a really high bridge.  Apparently, little bears are not supposed to push big bears off the bridge while they are taking pictures.  Good advice!


Korean Food

Try catching this with chop sticks

This did not taste like chicken.  Was a little crunchy.  I will show you the video next week.

looks better than it tastes

Sorry.  This poor little guy did not fare very well at lunch.  It actually was not too bad.  eating fish with chop sticks takes more time than one might imagine.  You would be so proud of me.

I was on my way

I found the McDonald’s, but did not have time to grab a bite.  I have set the goal to get a kimchee burger at McDonald’s.


Don’t worry about me, I got Seoul!

In case you were worried

This was the headline in the paper today.  “No War” is the theme.  I was getting a little worried. 🙂

My best bud in Korea

This my best bud Mr. Kim.  he instructed me that the Koreans invented metal type printing 200 years before the Gutenberg Bible.  I believe him.  Look at the Korean book they helped me build.  I am an official Korean print dude.

my new best bud in Korea

This is my new best friend Mr. Kim.  He let me ring the ancient bell!


I made it to Korea

Me and my buddy have been put in charge of protecting Korea

As you can see, I have been given official military duties upon my arrival in Korea.  My “stone friend” and I are in charge of security.

Where is Idaho?

I guess it makes sense!?  We are in Korea.

Five “fingered” dragon

OK.  The more “fingers” a dragon has, the more important it is.  This five fingered beast indicates a Kingly dragon, not a lowly royal three fingered dragon.  Keep the following in mind.  When I get back, that I have five fingers.  Just sayin!

Krazy Korean Kid

Not sure if this crazy Korean kid (alliteration for the day), is running from me or from the five fingered Dragon.  Since I am so nice, we must assume he is running from the Dragon.