Shakhtar “The Miners”

That is the name of the best soccer team in Ukraine!  I got to go to the game.

NOTES.  There are a couple of posts from the weekend, so look at both of them.

There is a comment from a Ukrainian student with the Teaching in Mariupol post.           I answered 4th hours comment and I am expecting nothing from the best from that very special group.



I am the greatest fan for Schakhtar there is.  Still not sure about the whole scarf thing, but I do look sharp.

Мариуполь Украина

I am back to putting the description under the picture!

The classes do their exercises everyday for five minutes before the bell.  I think Trevor needs this.  He tends to be a little tired sometimes.

If I did not know better, I would say this young whipper snapper is an American.  He would fit in perfectly to 6th hour..nope, maybe 4th, nope, maybe 3rd, hmmm, any class!

Can you guys in Idaho guess which two students are twins?  This is a good question for extra credit.  Fun class.  They liked my jokes and liked the Joha stories!



This class was very interested in politics and we had a nice discussion on careers and families.  My host teacher, Andrew is on my left.  He is a great teacher.