Monday: A full day in the classroom! Don’t read this until Tuesday :)

I am going to do it a little different today, these are pictures from another teacher and they show me teaching and interacting with the students.  I will just upload the pictures and you can add your own comments.  I will be “lecturing” tomorrow at Mariupol State University to Law, International Economics,  Foreign Language and Greek Philology students. This university is a prime sorce of Greek Philology in all of Europe!  I am discussing the composition of the US Congress and the duties of the US President. I bet you guys wish you were here.

I am not sure, but I may be the first Idaho high school teacher to be a guest lecturer at a University in Ukraine.  I have successfully fooled them into thinking that I am one smart dude!  Just kidding, I am one smart dude.  Wait… know what I mean.

16 thoughts on “Monday: A full day in the classroom! Don’t read this until Tuesday :)

  1. Looks like you are really having a great time. How is everyone’s English? What other languages do they study?

    • Their English is pretty darn good by the time they get to be seniors. This is a school that teaches english to a high level, not all the schools are this focused on foreign languages. It seems schools have different areas of focus. They might focus on Math or Science or Sport or Literature. This school they learn Ukranian/Russian and then they have a first foreign language and it is English and then they have a second foreign language. Either German(Yeah) or French.

  2. We’re finishing the book today. Your favorite student Krissy, is being a little Prissy. Cara found your twin today and she almost freaked out and she thought that you lied to us BUT she realized that it wasn’t you so you’re not a sinner. We’re glad that you are having a fun time in Ukraine with all of your students. Poka till next time!

    • Krissy is a prissy….ha ha, that rhymes. Where did Cara find my twin? I did not know I had a twin. I need to ask my mother about that….ohhhh, I can’t. But that is okay.


  3. Hi. Mr. Bundy, we have been reading this “great” book rofl. I dont know why you are making us do this, did we do something wrong? All I’m asking for is an explanation. In other news, its good to see you are enjoying your trip and I hope you’re enjoying teaching your “better” students. Have u showed them Master Colby’s rap??? Tell them to subscribe to dat fools page on youtube. We miss u, The JB is treating us well, we rearranged your room, it was chill. P.S this book still sux. lmao -katz

    • You guys are awesome and Animl Farm is an excellent book. Have you got to the part where the pigs start walking on their hind legs? It is as if the pigs are becoming the people they rebelled against…oops, Hopefully I did not give away anything about the ending.

      They loved Colby’s song. Colby is “dreamy.”

      • What is “dreamy” supposed to mean? haha. Do they speak pretty good english or is it hard to communicate with them? Looks like your having a blast though!!!

        • The students here do very well when they speak English. We are communicating very well. I have also taught them the great phrase “Chill out” and of course my favorite “Peace out!”

  4. You look like you are completely in your element. And I am impressed that you got to lecture at a university — although if your experience was anything like ours today, you were probably a bit intimidated to be standing in front of people who speak three languages as well as we speak one (speaking for myself). Looking forward to hearing how it went — d.

    • I had fun. The students are studying English, Greek and German at the University…so I surprised them and switched the lecture to German. I may not have mentioned it, but my German is pretty darn good. I only stayed in Germanlittle while, but it was an awesome experience lecturing at the University.

  5. Mr. Bundy!
    Thank you for wonderful lessons, for new words and new emotions!
    we will never forget you)
    you’re the best teacher:)

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