Later that day still teaching

I moved classrooms and I continued to teach.  We talked about their favorite classes and what they are studying and I told them stories and a few very funny jokes.

The group picture is right by the front door.  You remember theUkrainian flag?  It is in the background of the picture.

We were talking about Art and I showed them my artistic ability.  I bet you guys did not know I could draw.

Tell Mr. Johnson that he should be nice to me or I might transfer schools.


8 thoughts on “Later that day still teaching

  1. That’s quite a cool drawing you made out there! Nice skills!

    For those who are curious, there’s a group of journalists right there on the photos, and there was another one afterwards, but we forgot to also take a picture D:

    • For my students in Idaho. This is a comment from one of the great Ukrainian students. This class is a group of aspiring journalists. They are very inquisitive and will be great for Ukraine!

    • When you say “why are pigs always in power?” What exactly do you mean? Do you guys in 2nd period like the blog? What questions do you have? You are beginning to worry me. Desmond needs to take charge and have more control of you rabble rousers!

  2. Dear Mr. Bundy,
    Our hearts ache everyday that you are away from us. The longer you remain in Eastern Europe the more we plan our rebellion against organized schooling. I’m not sure we will last the week. The pigs (Ryan) are attempting to turn all of us against Mr. Bartlett. We will hold on for as long as we can, but time is quickly running out. We need you Mr. Bundy, you are our only hope.

    • It sounds like you guys are really taking he book Animal Farm to heart. If you are rebelling against Mr. Bartlett, would that mean he is Mr. Jones or is he perhaps Snowball. Oh, he is Napolean!

      Don’t tell mr. Bartlett, but let’s plan our rebellion for Tuesday. That will be the perfect day The Death Star will be in full view of the Rebellion and we….wait, I think we are getting a couple of different stories mixed up here. Next thing we know, Mr. Johnson will be saying “Mr. Bartlett, I am your Father.”

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