Added pictures. Also read the train ride story. :D

I finished the frst Hunger Games book on the filight over to Ukraine and look at what I saw in the Ukranian Bookstore!

Good book.  I think I will read the second one on the way back.  The only problem is that I bought the Ukranian one and it will take a while to look up every single word in the booK!



2 thoughts on “Added pictures. Also read the train ride story. :D

  1. Mr. Bundy,

    We have a bone to pick with you. We commented on MONDAY and our comment has still not gone through. If you wish for us to continue contact with you and keep you updated on our wonderful classroom experience, we will need you to reply to us. SO, please reply to our earlier post. Thank you.
    We miss you! 🙂
    Love, Your favorite/most intelligent class!

    • Here is the reply to your(4th Hour) Monday question. Apparently I was not very good at this blogging thing yet and put the response in the wrong place.

      Ah yes……..4th hour. My “favorite.” Hmmm…ties…I am wearing my American Flag tie tomorrow to the American Embassy and to meet with the Ukranian Department of Education. The men wear a lot of ties with red diagonal stripes..I am quite worried about that. I have barely figured out where the bathroom is, but candy purchases are definitly at the top of my list. By the way, public bathrooms are just holes in the floor, I have pictures. Please keep looking at the pictures and let me know if you think I am mutating. If so, don’t tell Mrs. Bundy, it will just worry her.

      Additional comments. I miss you too. Did you like my description of the train ride, Mrs. Bundy is not thrilled. She does not want to come to Ukraine until the restroom issue has been resolved.

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