I arrived in Ukraine!

Ten people stopped me on my first walk around the city to chat.  I can only say “Yak Spravy” and “Poka.”  Short conversations.  Join me on my walk.  I definitly need to get the story behind the picture on the side of the house.

I still like pigeons!  You might see a few this trip.

What would he world do without Coke and McDonald’s.  Man I feel like I have been awake for over 42 hours.  Wait, I have!  The guy next to me on the 8 hour flight from Chicago to Frankfurt wanted to sit in my seat,. or so it seemed.  It was fun, and I am now listening to Ukranian pop music on the radio.

Just a quick nope today, I don’t want you to think I am in a russian prison with Tom Cruise.

10 thoughts on “I arrived in Ukraine!

  1. I’m glad you are there safe and sound! That blue house looks fascinating! I hope you see a lot of really cool sites and that you take lots of really cool pictures that you post on your blog! Enjoy!!!

    • If you look at the painting on the side of the house, you will really like the house! Trust me, you should enlarge the picture.

  2. DJ asks if there is any “fine honeys” in the Ukraine?
    DJ also is wondering what you be grubbin’ on tonight?
    Robby broke his hand.
    Period 7 Animal Farm Junkies

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