Back in the USA

I got back in town late Saturday night and I have been busy.  First on my agenda was a political forum Monday morning in Twin Falls.  There were the three candidates for office and we gave opening statements and responded to questions.  I thought for sure Wolf Blitzer would show up at any minute to carry the interview.  The Twin Falls TV station will air the debate on Saturday and will also put the debate on the internet.  I will post the link as soon as I can get it.  I sure hope I look good on TV.  Here are some “fuzzy” pictures of me on the set.

Return Train Ride

I just got off my return train trip from Mariupol and the 16 hour train ride was fabulous.  I miss my Ukrainin students and I miss my Idaho students.  I have a meeting in about 10 minutes, so no time to put cool pictures up. There will be some on Monday.  You get Mr Bartlett on Monday for the last day.  Have a party!

I will see you Tuesday.

A Poem from 5th Period

Dearest Mr. Bundy
Wassup, its yo boiiiii
Your delightful posts have inspired the class to write a poem for you.

In Europe you rode a train
you sat on a bench and racked your brain
You had a great time teaching at school
i bet everybody thought you were pretty cool.
We see that you think Ivan is pretty neat,
He seems like a swell feller to share a seat.
We hope Ukraine was pretty fun,
now come back and see everyone

Sincerely, your class


My “thinking chair” in Mariupol

As I have been gone, I have been thinking a lot about family and friends.  I really enjoy being here in Ukraine and I love becoming involved in their lives.  I have been impressed at how important family and tradition is to these people.  It is
wonderful to see.  I will be sad to leave this great city, but I look forward to seeing Mrs. Bundy and talking and visiting with my family.  Family is the most important and I miss them.  I want them to be happy.  When they are happy, I am happy.

I also miss my great high school pupils back in Idaho.  The pupils here in Mariupol are wonderful and they have truly enriched my life this past week.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you back in Idaho.

If you are wondering why I am writing this, it is because I found my very own “thinking chair” in the park. I was able to sit back this morning as I prepare to leave Mariupol and
think about what is so very important to me. My most valuable possessions are my family and ALL the great pupils I get to know as a teacher.



Mountain Home in Mariupol and other random thoughts

The students love the T-shirts.  The classes were very happy to get some authentic gear.  I am giving more away today, so if you don’t see your club, keep checking.

These guys are really happy to have their American high school t-shirts.

Ok…they made me get in the picture with them. 🙂

I am holding the Ukrainian flag and Andrew has the American flag.  True international relations!

This is a candidate for the Ukrainian national leadership.  She is challenging the incumbant for the position.  Hmmmm, that sounds familiar doesn’t it!?

This is my good friend Helen Plotnikova, she lectures at the University.  She gave me some great ideas and insights into Orthodox Christianity.  Extremely interesting and valuable thoughts.

This is the University where I lectured.  There were about 60 students and we had a great time.  It was fun to talk about our form of government and express to them our ideas about democracy and the role and function of government.

A random picture of Mariupol.  This is common place for them, but I love the diversity and diference of just walking through the city.

Mariupol, the city of Contrast

Mariupol is a great city of contrast.  I love the beauty of the city and I can also see the environmental concerns of the city.  There is so much beauty and history.  I am fascinated by the new and vibrant aspects of the city and I am also reminded of her history.  The Ukrainians that I meet look to the future.  They also embrace their culture and heritage.  Take a journey with me through the different aspects of Mariupol.

The first picture is a typical apartment building in Mariupol.  The people have made their apartments very beautiful and warm.  I have visited great people in these apartments.

Lenin seems to always present, but is not a part of everyday life in Ukraine.  Interesting contrast.

The Aziov Sea is beautiful.  The picture is of my host teacher Andrew and his daughter Vickie.

Later that day still teaching

I moved classrooms and I continued to teach.  We talked about their favorite classes and what they are studying and I told them stories and a few very funny jokes.

The group picture is right by the front door.  You remember theUkrainian flag?  It is in the background of the picture.

We were talking about Art and I showed them my artistic ability.  I bet you guys did not know I could draw.

Tell Mr. Johnson that he should be nice to me or I might transfer schools.


Monday: A full day in the classroom! Don’t read this until Tuesday :)

I am going to do it a little different today, these are pictures from another teacher and they show me teaching and interacting with the students.  I will just upload the pictures and you can add your own comments.  I will be “lecturing” tomorrow at Mariupol State University to Law, International Economics,  Foreign Language and Greek Philology students. This university is a prime sorce of Greek Philology in all of Europe!  I am discussing the composition of the US Congress and the duties of the US President. I bet you guys wish you were here.

I am not sure, but I may be the first Idaho high school teacher to be a guest lecturer at a University in Ukraine.  I have successfully fooled them into thinking that I am one smart dude!  Just kidding, I am one smart dude.  Wait… know what I mean.

Shakhtar “The Miners”

That is the name of the best soccer team in Ukraine!  I got to go to the game.

NOTES.  There are a couple of posts from the weekend, so look at both of them.

There is a comment from a Ukrainian student with the Teaching in Mariupol post.           I answered 4th hours comment and I am expecting nothing from the best from that very special group.



I am the greatest fan for Schakhtar there is.  Still not sure about the whole scarf thing, but I do look sharp.