Stuff that is 1000 years old

Every so often, I have the opportunity to see things that are 1000 years old.  I get to walk along the same steps or paths that have carried people for centuries.

These steps took us to the site of a Budda that was built in 850.  I felt very enlightened after the trek up these mountainous steps. It was the custom centuries ago to chip off a piece of budda’s nose and boil it with your tea.  This would guarantee that your next child would be a son.

According to Buddhist teachings, ringing this bell calms people who have been sent to purgatory (he**).  I actually got to ring the bell!  I feel at one with the bell now.  That was the advice my bell-ringing instructor gave me.  “Be at one with the bell.”   feel much better about life now.These steps go to a Confucian Shrine.  My ying and yang are so in tune after this visit. 🙂

This is my new lion buddy.  He has been here since 850.  He does not look that old.  The colorful balloons celebrate the birth of BuddhaNothing in this picture is remotely close to 100 years old, but one of the questions asked what I cooked as a Korean Chef.  Yummy cucumber slices with a tasty tofu main dishMy new Confucian friend for the day.  He might be close to the 1000 year mark.