Korean Food

Try catching this with chop sticks

This did not taste like chicken.  Was a little crunchy.  I will show you the video next week.

looks better than it tastes

Sorry.  This poor little guy did not fare very well at lunch.  It actually was not too bad.  eating fish with chop sticks takes more time than one might imagine.  You would be so proud of me.

I was on my way

I found the McDonald’s, but did not have time to grab a bite.  I have set the goal to get a kimchee burger at McDonald’s.


Don’t worry about me, I got Seoul!

In case you were worried

This was the headline in the paper today.  “No War” is the theme.  I was getting a little worried. 🙂

My best bud in Korea

This my best bud Mr. Kim.  he instructed me that the Koreans invented metal type printing 200 years before the Gutenberg Bible.  I believe him.  Look at the Korean book they helped me build.  I am an official Korean print dude.

my new best bud in Korea

This is my new best friend Mr. Kim.  He let me ring the ancient bell!