Gyeongju in the Springtime

I am now in Gyeongju. On the coast.  Be sure and read on about my living conditions in Seoul in the post below.

First off, they took us to the Korean Culinary Institute and I am now a trained Korean Chef.

Then I met two Korean Princess’.  Don’t tell Mrs. Bundy! 🙂 As you can see, the nice little girl in the middle was quite taken by the nice American visitors. However, her little friend to the right does not seem to be quite as enamored with the Americans and their cameras.

Just a random street scene in the city.  Needless to say, I have no idea what any of the signs say.  It is like everything is in a different language!

Living in Seoul Korea

If you want to see the responses to my comments, click on the word bubble with the numbers in them.  That has the questions and my witty responses.The picture above is looking to the right as I walk into my “dormitory” room.

I knew 5th hour would come through with some great questions.  The pressure is now on the rest of you knuckleheads to ask some good questions.

This is walking into my room.  This is the “no shoe” area.  Man, they are serious about the no shoe thing.  This is the “clean” area. My shoes had to remain in the “unclean” area. I ate the fruit on the desk.

The bed is exactly 5’11” long.  I know, because exactly 1 inch of my feet hang over the edge when I stretch out on this nice soft cardboard bed.