Coolest people ever!

This little dude kept walking by and smiling.  You have to love the Indians hat.  I don’t think he was too interested in the historical site, but he was quite taken by the camera clicking American.

Not sure my new friend was quite as excited as I was to have our picture taken.  Korean knuckleheads on a field trip.  Kids are kids everywhere.  The first Chinese symbol is “heaven.”  (above the door) The second symbol is “horse.”  I have no idea what the third symbol is.  I have only been here a couple of days!

6 thoughts on “Coolest people ever!

    • We left Seoul and we are on the coast now. I have seen just about every museum in Korea! I have some school pictures, I will be posting soon. I miss you guys too. I ate octopus for dinner. It is like eating rubber. Not my favorite. The Koreans do have good cookies. I like cookies.

  1. 7th Hour – Post a picture of the room you stay in. How is the time change treating you? Any jet lag? Have you tried any kimchee? We want some new words? Have you learned the word good-bye yet?

    • My room is pretty cool. The bed feels like cardboard. I fall asleep at 8 pm and wake up at 4 am.

      I can say thank you. kansamneda…I just say Anjanghaseo a lot!

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