Don’t worry about me, I got Seoul!

In case you were worried

This was the headline in the paper today.  “No War” is the theme.  I was getting a little worried. 🙂

My best bud in Korea

This my best bud Mr. Kim.  he instructed me that the Koreans invented metal type printing 200 years before the Gutenberg Bible.  I believe him.  Look at the Korean book they helped me build.  I am an official Korean print dude.

my new best bud in Korea

This is my new best friend Mr. Kim.  He let me ring the ancient bell!


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry about me, I got Seoul!

    • According to my expert sources. Kim is the family name for about 40% of Koreans. Lee is 15%. Pac is 9%. The women don’t take the name of their husband. So, Mr. Lee could introduce his wife, Mrs.Kim, to Mr. Kim and his wife Mrs. Lee.

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