Mountain Home in Mariupol and other random thoughts

The students love the T-shirts.  The classes were very happy to get some authentic gear.  I am giving more away today, so if you don’t see your club, keep checking.

These guys are really happy to have their American high school t-shirts.

Ok…they made me get in the picture with them. 🙂

I am holding the Ukrainian flag and Andrew has the American flag.  True international relations!

This is a candidate for the Ukrainian national leadership.  She is challenging the incumbant for the position.  Hmmmm, that sounds familiar doesn’t it!?

This is my good friend Helen Plotnikova, she lectures at the University.  She gave me some great ideas and insights into Orthodox Christianity.  Extremely interesting and valuable thoughts.

This is the University where I lectured.  There were about 60 students and we had a great time.  It was fun to talk about our form of government and express to them our ideas about democracy and the role and function of government.

A random picture of Mariupol.  This is common place for them, but I love the diversity and diference of just walking through the city.

6 thoughts on “Mountain Home in Mariupol and other random thoughts

  1. Dearest Mr. Bundy
    Wassup, its yo boiiiii
    Your delightful posts have inspired the class to write a poem for you.

    In Europe you rode a train
    you sat on a bench and racked your brain
    You had a great time teaching at school
    i bet everybody thought you were pretty cool.
    We see that you think Ivan is pretty neat,
    He seems like a swell feller to share a seat.
    We hope Iceland was pretty fun,
    now come back and see everyone

    Sincerely, your class

    P.S. I Hate Iceland

  2. First off I would like to point out that the name shouldn’t be “thinking chair” It SHOULD be “chair of wisdom” the test was… alright Amanda says it was a breeze. Julia wants to know if you’re in jail yet if so say hi to Tom Cruise! Amanda wants pictures of dead cats… doesnt care how they died she just wants them. Bartlett tried to make us cheat on our tests but we refused the temptation. hope you’re proud of us! have a safe flight home!!! it’s period six already.

    • I like it. I hearby rename my chair at home, the chair of wisdom. I do have some pictures of live cats, I am sure that is what Amanda meant to say.

      I was only pulled over by the police one time and we got away safely. I do have some nice police pictures.

      I am glad you overcame Mr Bartlett’s recommendation to cheat on your tests. Funny, the Ukrainian students asked me if you cheat on your tests and now they know you don’t.

  3. Ashleigh says that she’s glad to see that your Ukrainian students are happy with their new American T-shirts! Austin beat up Bartlett, and Allie killed a man. DJ says that there are some “fine honnies” in your class, only it sounded like “fub hubbies” with the tissues in his nose. We’ve moved your desk and all our seats outside as a senior prank, and we expect to have class outside for the rest of the school year. 🙂 Austin says to tell you the President called, although Karen is pretty sure the President of McDonalds isn’t who you were wanting to call you. Tori misses you.

    With respect, your favorite class,
    7th hour

    • For my Ukrainian readers. Allie did not really kill anyone. ” Fine honnies” is a phrase for attractive girls. A prank is a practical joke.

      I am pretty sure it was Barack Obama who called.

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