6 thoughts on “Beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. This class is quite scandalous we got through 2 chapters of Animal Farm. How is Ukraine? R u in prison yet? Do you prefer a whopper over a big mac?
    -John Doe……… If I die today remember me like John Lennon

    Stay schemin’.

  2. We read two chapters of Animal Farm, it was weird..animals were talking? Tara let us out of class first…please don’t take points off our grade! 😉
    Down to business. Have you seen any ties of particular interest to you? Have you bought us anything yet? Candy? Is the air really polluted? Marissa wants to know if you’re mutant yet? We miss you. We hope you are having a great time!! 🙂 Love, your most intelligent and favorite class. <3

    • Ah yes……..4th hour. My “favorite.” Hmmm…ties…I am wearing my American Flagtie tomorrow to the American Embassy and to meet with the Ukranian Department of Education. The men wear a lot of ties with red diagonal stripes..I am quite worried about that.

      I have barely figured out where the bathroom is, but candy purchases are definitly at the top of my list. By the way, public bathrooms are just holes in the floor, I have pictures.

      Please keep looking at the pictures and let me know if you think I am mutating. If so, don’t tell Mrs. Bundy, it will just worry her.

  3. Dear Mr. Bundy, Teach me how to Bundy. The 5th period class, was the first in the history of the 2011-2012 school year to read the introduction to the book titled “Animal Farm”. Go Beasts of England!!! I saw a dog today, it was chill.

    • It sure seems like the Green animal farm flag with it’s green banner and the hooves and horns is very similar to the Soviet flag that has a red banner and a hammer and sicle!

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